Season 02

Doodles - (16 x 1of1 NFTs)

Dinosaur Butt Feet Doodles : SOLD OUT - BUY ON OPENSEA

Neon - (11 x 1of1 NFTs)

Dinosaur Butt Feet Neon
Dinosaur Butt Feet Neon : SOLD OUT - BUY ON OPENSEA

Open Editions

Secret mobile minting

Dinosaur Butt Feet Cash Grab : SOLD OUT - BUY ON OPENSEA

Special Editions

Dinosaur Bathtub Sea

This is a 1 of 1 webcomic about OpenSea and when they decided to pull the rug on small creators on their platform.

While they ultimately reversed their decision to limit their creator community, for some projects, the damage had already been done.

This webcomic represents the first NFT minted under a Dinosaur Butt Feet contract, independent from the OpenSea OpenStore

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