Dinosaur Butt Feet FAQ

Dinosaur Butt Feet is an NFT project that started out of a late night Clubhouse session.  Because the artist is terrible at drawing dino feet - any dinos drawn had feet that turned out looking like butts! So, we are leaning into this unique dino trait and have been slow launching leading up to a mid-size generative NFT drop!

NFTs from the Genesis collection can be purchased on the secondary on OpenSea.  All new sales will be made from the NFT Marketplace right here on the site!

We are currently in a limited release and special drop patterns leading up to a generative drop (watch our socials for drops!).  We have a number of things planned leading up to and through our generative art project including: a growing merch store, giveaways, planning for community events, conference presence, and charitable giving.

Fully formalized utility for these tokens has yet to be solidified, but we have ideas that include merch drops, social gatherings, fundraising assistance, scholarships, and other community driven initiatives. 

While we do not have plans for a formal DAO (yet), we do want to create a sustainable system of charitable giving, focusing primarily on, but not limited to, charities raising awareness and support for Children's Mental Health.  This will be done by setting up a treasury partially funded by both primary and secondary sales.

We are looking at dropping the generative project sometime in 2023.  This will give us plenty of time to grow our community organically and get everyone excited about the amazing things we can accomplish together!

Dinosaur Butt Feet reserves all commercial and intellectual property use rights for NFTs released under the Dinosaur Butt Feet collections. Please contact [email protected] for any partnership or usage questions.

Founding Team

@thisismycryptoname is the founder of Dinosaur Butt Feet.  When he is not working in spreadsheets, he spends most of his time drawing, in clubhouse, and playing with his dog, Koda.

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